The Wines of Alsace

7.30 Monday 18th June 2012

Presented by Phil Cooke

Places are £15. Please book ahead by sending an email

Venue: The Bath Society Meeting Room


The Alsace wine region is famous for producing high quality white wines. In France the wines are very popular. And wine writers and people in the wine trade often drool over Alsace wines. But they are not very popular amongst typical UK wine drinkers. The end result is that Alsace wines do not get much shelf space, leading to low sales, etc etc.

Whilst a very northerly wine region the geography of the Alsace wine region is very special. It is a long thin region with the Vosges mountains on one side and the Rhone running parallel and not far away. The mountains create a rain shadow leading to a long warm and dry ripening period. The soil is rather special too. If you look at a wine map you find that the underlying geology has resulted in the whole region being broken up into lots of little areas many being very suited to growing a particular variety of vine.

Another rather special feature of Alsace is that all the highest rated wines are 100% of a single variety. Moreover, and for AOC quality wines this is unique to Alsace, the grape variety is stated on the label.

Almost all Alsace wines are white, but a small percentage are red and produced from Pinot Noir. However these wines in no way compete with those of Burgundy. The style is very different; they are light, have little tannin, and go well with many foods where a typical red wine would be overpowering.

The wines on taste are all from the 2010 vintage, which was an exceptionally good year. This tasting is an opportunity to taste and learn about the Wines of Alsace

As usual there will be a selection of quality breads and cheeses.

Please note. The June tasting is usually a low attendance event so it will be a single bottle tasting. This means that there will be cap on bookings. So please advise ASAP if you would like to reserve a place.