October Tasting (15th)

The Wines of St Emilion By Timothy Hartley

(Rescheduled from April)

The speaker is the Chancellor of the UK branch of the Jurade de St Emilion which recently celebrated its 600th anniversary

Places are £16. Please book ahead by sending an email

Venue: The Bath Society Meeting Room


The Jurade St Emilion is one of the oldest surviving institutions in the wine world. And our speaker heads up the UK branch.

St Emilion is the centre of the Bordeaux wine trade on the Right Bank, where the dominant grape variety is Merlot. Compared to the Cabernet dominated wines of the Left Bank the wines are less tannic, mature more quickly, and at the highest levels they are world class. As with all Bordeaux wines the classification system is complex.

This is a wonderful opportunity to taste some carefully selected wines from one of the world's most famous wine regions, combined with learning more about the wines, the classification system, and the people who produce the wines.


As usual there will be a selection of quality breads and cheeses